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On variety is the pleasure. We have created for you a universe of components for upholtered furniture. We are constantly working for giving you an added value to your products.
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On variety is the pleasure and this is why, at Suministros Lomar, we don´t stop innovating and looking for new ways, new mechanisms and the best fabrics for soft furnitures. We know very well that every company at industrial sector must constantly innovate for most demanding clients, those than needs to be surprised. Today we want to be the partner that you all need to make more interesting your upholtered furnitures and we are constantly working and searching the latest technology on fabrics, mechanism and rest of components that every factory needs for producing it´s soft furnitures.

This is why we are offering the most extensive catalogue and we keep working to extend it each time more and more, in order to offer you an universe of posibilities for you to find with us that component which is needed for your upholstered furniture. In this web you will find:

Recliners mechanisms and every type of accesories for mechanisms. At Suministros Lomar will find, that motors of our recliners mechanisms have TUV certification, it makes them  perfect for an entire life furnitures production.

Wide catalog of inyected legs for soft furnitures with large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We love to make easy your research and that you can easily find what you need. We offer you lot of alternatives for you to find the perfect complement. We offer also large range of high quality metallic legs for your soft furnitures. If you produce a diferent and exclusive product, we have alternatives for you.

On variety is the pleasure and on technology is differentiation. At Suministros Lomar have variety and technology in our fabric section for soft furnitures. We have Splash Free fabrics that are water proof and we also have Easy Clean fabrics that are easily cleaning only with water, these fabrics are perfect for children´s furnitures, but are used normally at any type of upholstery furniture.

You will get the biggest differenciation on your furnitures production by adding our latest accessories. With our accesories is much more easy to produce exclusives and uniques products, ables to excite the most demanding clients. Our catalog offer from avances in connectivity until basic pieces that ensure the  robustness need it for producing a long life furniture.

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